Captain's log, Mon and Tue Aug 20-21, 2012


  • Had a conversation about workplace diversity at Akamai (which was actually very interesting)
  • Caught up with Michael Stone more
  • Had IRC meeting with Sumana to discuss the Wikimania Hackathon
  • Met up with Boston Ruby folks (Dan and Rebecca) who were part of the Boston Ruby Workshop organizing team


  • Returned to SF
  • Pushed the fundraising blog post forward, which should be this week's post
  • Began to port the antispam code into something that can live in the main codebase
  • Pushed forward the changes to oh-bugimporters, thanks to johnmorr
  • Dealt with a lot of post-event tasks from WMF Hackathon
  • Added more money to our account, and removed lots of unneeded files from the blog site there